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  • Long sleeves, pants (jeans, slacks, dickies, etc.) NO YOGA pants, and closed toe shoes are required and mandatory. If you come to your appointment without these things, you will be turned away with NO REFUND.

  • Do NOT smash/throw items toward the direction someone is standing or toward the door/side walls/ceiling.


  • Watch your surroundings and be mindful of where you & others in your group are before breaking anything .


  • Only throw items at the BACK wall with all parties  standing at least half way back in the room to avoid ricochet

  • Only throw at/hit toward the BACK wall.


  • Do NOT throw or stomp on items that have already been broken/have sharp edges    


  • Do NOT hit the walls or floors with the weapons.

  • Do NOT hit each other.


  • If debris starts to accumulate on the floor, you may use the broom or ask a staff member to sweep the debris away to avoid a slipping or puncture hazard.

  • Shuffle feet rather than stomping to avoid sharp items puncturing shoes


  • Before or during a session if a tool appears to be damaged or weakened stop use immediately and notify a KF Attendant.


  • If any safety gear comes off stop all breaking immediately until it is properly put back on.


  • If any safety gear becomes damaged during a session stop all breaking immediately & notify a KF Attendant to have it replaced.


  • Photos and videos are allowed in the smash room AT YOUR OWN RISK. Kinfolk Axe is not responsible for your items that are damaged. 


  • No breaking when the door is open.       


  • Do NOT throw break tools (hammers, bats etc).    


  • Do NOT stand on the tables or any other large props


  • Do NOT purposely try to break the room fixtures (walls, lights, building, speakers, tools, or anything that is not a breakable item provided) Doing so will result in a fine for the damage, removal, ban and possibly other criminal charges.


  • If you believe you may have been injured or cut, stop breaking immediately and notify the KF Attendant for inspection.


  • Staff may end a session anytime if any rules are not being followed, there will be NO refund in the case of early removal.


Before Exiting the break rooms:

  • Beware of debris (such as broken glass) on the safety gear, bottoms of shoes & floor.  


  • Inspect yourself and others for any debris before exiting. 


  • Wipe shoes aggressively on the rug in the room before walking out.

  • Take all safety gear off carefully, give all suits and protective equipment to the KF Attendant.

  • Do NOT give KF Attendant any gear that has blood or other bodily fluids on them.  Leave in the room and let KF Attendant know.

You May Not Participate If:

* You have not read and signed a waiver

* You break any of the rules and guidelines before or during a session

* Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance.

* Do not follow the KF Rage Room Attendants instructions

* Any argumentative/combative/harassing behavior to a KF Employee or another visitor is instant grounds for ending of a session, removal from the property, and may result in a ban….This is a zero-tolerance policy and any unruly behavior will result in the police being called.

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